Assessoria e consultoria para cooperativas

Consulting Projects

With more than 30 years of experience in the financial sector in Brazil, we can help financial and payment institutions in areas such as financial and organizational management, legal and process optimization. 


In company courses for co-operatives board members, directors, managers and employees in all national territory. 

Treinamentos, cursos, capacitação para cooperativas

Payment Cards and Mobile

The financial market in Brazil is regulates by the Central Banking. Financial and payment institutions planning to operate in Brazil need to fill out a formal request and provide specific information about its operation, controlling, risk, governance and others. ACBrasil has the expertise and team to support Brazilian and foreign companies in this process.  

instituições de pagamento, arranjos, meios de pagamento
Assessoria e consultoria para cooperativas

Trade missions in Brazil

ACBrasil can support foreign organizations in their trade missions to Brazil. Due to our extensive networking in all co-operatives segments in Brazil, we can schedule visits and meetings with local cooperatives, and provide specialized translations in English and French.

Assessoria e consultoria para cooperativas

Market Reasearch

ACBrasil can coordinate local market researches for foreign companies interested in learning and comprehend more about Brazilian financial market and opportunities. Qualitative and quantitative researches can be conducted by our team.

Consulting and training projects for financial and payment institutions in Brazil 

Our team

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